Hunter S. Thompson's first attempt at a novel based upon his life experience living on the island of Puerto Rico in the 50s while working for various rags like the San Juan Star. It is heavily laced with subtle references to The Great Gatsby, a novel which Hunter typed over himself many times in order to get a feel for what it felt like to write such great words.

Lost in obscurity for year and years, it eventually reached published form finally in the last few years of the 20th century.

I prefer my paperback version over the hardcover. Easier to fit in my backpack.

The story itself follows Paul Kemp through numerous misadventures as a journalist working for a dying American-language newspaper in Puerto Rico during its boom of the late 50s. Many of the characters in the book are both shades of HST and his friends and the more times you read it, the more times you'll find some deeper meaning to relate to.

Far from the usual gonzo journalism most people turn to the good doctor for, it's still a read worth its own weight -- especially considering how much time and effort HST put into it.