So I officially am on the "crazy" list at work.

Everyone got together last Tuesday and took a vote, and I made it. I got the phone call later that afternoon.

"You made it, you're in."


Anyway, it was only a matter of time you see, before I got accepted into the group of elites. Well at least we consider ourselves to be elites.

I mean we are the craziest fucking employees this company has ever had. We just work and work and work. Like robots tending to an Acme garden in some long lost Warner Brothers cartoon.

There are certain qualifications one must have in order to become a "member."

It's not that hard as long as you are willing to give up a large amount of your social time in order to earn lots of money,well maybe not lotsbut money that you never get to spend because you are always working. The past 24 hours was the icing on the cake. Afterall I spent every last second of every last minute at work, working. It was kind of fun once I got to the internet cafe. The call shop down on Aungier street is boring and annoying. I always leave with a headache, and a sick feeling in my stomach as I unfortuantely can't stop thinking about how utterly disgusting and preverted the 50-some-odd year old man was that was harassing me and asking me for drinks later.

Ew! Can we please just get a life?! I mean who honestly hits on someone when they are working in a call shop?!

Anyway, so yeah, I am now, one of them, as my fabulous manager says.

But I am proud of my accomplishment, in a sick and very twisted way. I am glad that when management needs a little Cinderella at their feet to wipe their shoes clean, they have her. At least it's something anyway.

Oh goodness, I forgot the most important part of today!

In the early hours of the morningaround half 5 I think it wasI got this interesting msg from one of my great friends here on e2. It didn't surprise me coming from him, but it is still quite a bizarre thing to occur to someone that early in the morning.

I can hear people screaming outside my window, but it doesnt' shock me anymore.