Unsinkable ship sinks and people die leaving those left to question their greatness in believing to have created a perfect boat when really a little scratch sunk it.THIS LIST IS NOT AUTHORITATIVE

First Class Titanic Passengers
Second Class Titanic Passengers
Third Class Titanic Passengers

Hollywood Movie

Star crossed lovers from different social classes go aboard the boat. Rich one tries to commit suicide, poor one saves her. Love. Boat sinks and it ends in tragedy.

What was almost more impressive was the (false) media take on the movie that it was so impressively accurate. The movie made bad guys out of good guys and claimed some people were killers with no proof that even hinted such a thing BUT the brass shiny knobs on the deck were an exact replica!

It wasn't a tribute to the dead souls of that "termoltuous journey" (sic, TV Guide), it was a money hungry machine that realised long ago the dance around the movie is almost far more important that the movie itself. Which sucked. For the record. Still, it did earn more than any movie ever.

Directed by the same guy that did Terminator 2, James Cameron.