Title: AV-8B Harrier Assault
Author: Simis
Released: 1991/1992 by Domark
No. of disks: unknown
HDD installable: yes
Lanuages: English
RAM: 1meg

An accurate and tediously slow flight simulation of the Harrier Jump Jet. Unfortunately that's the only part of the game they paid attention to. Your carrier (the grey rectangle), your enemies (grey triangles), and your explosions (a dozen thin yellow lines) will take little part in your enjoyment - it's almost as if they hate you and want you to question why you bothered decoding the interface (click the phone to start the mission, the file-cabinet refuels my plane, why of course!). It really needs an A1200 and will appeal to purists only.

Comically the game's files could be renamed to allow use of the truck model instead of your harrier when flying.