The Dassault Super Entendard is the current carrier-borne fighter in the French Navy, as well as having been exported to a number of other countries including Argentina. The Super Entendard(I don't know what that means) is a multi-role aircraft that can both strike and serve as an interceptor, although it is famous for its Anti-Surface Warfare in the Falklands War.

The Super Entendard program was launched in January of 1973 as a replacement for the original Entendard and LTC F-8E(FN) Crusader. The Super E(for short) was selected over a maritime version of the SEPECAT Jaguar.

The French Navy received 71 of the aircraft, with delivery being completed in March of 1983. The French Navy loaned 5 aircraft to Iraq for use in the Iran-Iraq War. The largest export sale of the Super E was made to Argentina, which took delivery of 14, but only 5 had been delivered by the time of the Falklands war.

The prime weapon of carrier-based Super E's is the Exocet Anti-Ship Missile, which, when coupled with the Super Entendard, has proved to be a lethal combination. In the Iran-Iraq War, Iraqi Super Entendards were used to attack shipping, with great success. Because of Exocet strikes from the Super Entendard, no fewer than 3 oil tankers were sunk. The greatest success of the Super Entendard came in the Falkland Islands in 1982, when Argentina unleashed the Exocet-equipped Super E against the British Fleet. The fighters sank two British warships with no loss to themselves by launching their missiles from over the horizon (You sank my battleship!). The British didn't even know the Super Entendards were there until the missiles popped up on radar. Eventually, however, the British grew smart and kept the Super E away by using British Aerospace Harriers as fighter cover.

Currently, only France and Argentina operate the fighter. Argentina's fly from the country's only carrier, the Veinticino de Mayo. France's aircraft fly off of the Foch and Clemenceau.

The following specifications are drawn from The Encyclopedia of Modern Warplanes.

Maximum Speed: 857 miles per hour
Service Ceiling: 44,950 feet
Combat Radius: 528 miles with 2 external fuel tanks.
Armament: two 30-mm cannon, and up to 4,630 pounds of external stores. External Stores include the Exocet(Yeehaw!) and nuclear weapons (brings new meaning to the Olympic Slogan "Light the fire within"). All external ordinance is carried on 5 hardpoints.

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