Just a comment on the original post, re: Leprechaun by Moppet Video. The player controls a little person, not a leprechaun. The goal is to steal the pot of gold from the leprechaun, who moves the pot around the screen.

You get more points by running through trees, which changes them to a different color. The leprechaun runs around changing the trees back to their original color. This makes no sense, but that's what you do in the game.

I remember playing this at the Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant somewhere in the San Francisco Bay Area (probably San Jose) in 1982.

Lastly, this comment is not quite accurate form the original post: "This is a highly modified version of Pot of Gold by Gameplan." Actually, the game is identical except for the name on the intro screen. I believe the rights to produce the game were sold by Moppet Games to another company. They just changed the name and put the same ROMs in a different cabinet.