And once again there is a call to arms, well, to The George, anyway. Time to meet. Time to drink. Time to infest London with the massed noding brains. This time we will spare you the twisted decibels of The Intrepid Fox and all the things that scare the timid noders away. No bottling out, kids!

Latest plans: meeting at The George on Wardour Street in Soho on November 4th.

Time: from 4pm.

That's the pub we ended up in last time, so some people know how to get there.

Closest tubes: Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus, Leicester Square.
Check for location if you don't have an A to Z. The George is closer to the Oxford Street end of Wardour Street.

Drunken noders and fireworks may not be a good mix. Sparklers, however, are to be encouraged, and waved around at any inappropriate moment. Oh, should we find a firework party to go to instead, or is that just too cold and outdoorsy?

Penny for the chilled monkey? Go on! It's got raisins in it!

probably makes sense to post a few mobile numbers to the mailing list for those who weren't around last time, and can't spot a noder at twenty paces