Husband is gone, she’s got two kids and overdose woes, she’s looking up while sinking. House a mess, like misplaced effort. She’s so worried, when she tells me “the universe will provide”. I agreed to move from her hundred-year old farm-house, an uncertain migration from here to Knoxville. But nothing gets done, I’m all alone in the house, she runs errands, the boxes are filled, but so is the house.
Real “community service project”, people helping people.

Classes are going well. As soon as I get my act together I’ll be doing much better, I’ve skipped a few classes, and I feel like I’m behind in mythology, but I feel like this is all details right now for some reason. There is some higher cause, bigger than grades and attendance (can’t I get tossed out of school for saying something like that?).

I just saw Dark Star Orchestra, pretty good show, considering I got in for free, instead of paying $15 or $20 and be legitimate. Pretty good show, I'd advise seeing them, in case you needed an opinion.