Being a newbie editor is like being a newbie noder. There are lots of FAQs to read, and features to learn. I may do some lurking, before I sally forth and slay without mercy.

I'm also open to suggestions. When that starts getting old I'll let you know here.

Every noder, at least every experienced noder, has the ability and the duty to talk with other noders, praise and/or constructively critique writing, and convey technical information to new users. You don't need a "$" for that: everyone can use /msg.

Editors do get the ability to post a homenode pic without attaining Level 6, and some sekrit powers. It's like getting a nice big ring of keys so you can go anywhere in the facility. Too bad the reason I get the keys is to clean the toilets and take out the trash.

Editor Cooled:

Marked for Death: