08:00 CDT (GMT -6:00)

Woohoo Monday! Here in the US of A, it's supposed to be a national holiday - Memorial Day - bet evidently where I work it doesn't exist or some nonsense. I wouldn't even mind coming in so much, but the problem is that since it's not a University Holiday, I have to follow normal Monday rules, which involve parking a long ways away instead of in front of the building. I find this to be quite irritating to say the least. It's not like anyone's going to be here, they're all on vacation and visiting family. Yet, I am stuck here. It's okay

I intend today to be a continuation of yesterday's 14 hour noding marathon. I'm only at work for 9 and a half hours today, so I'll node for that long, and when I get home I have laundry and such to do, maybe some more noding in bed after that.

On the topic of my little noding spree, driving home last night across that stupid 24 mile long bridge, I didn't turn on the radio. I wasn't on the phone. I just sat in awe as my mind reeled like mad from being tweaked up on reading and writing nodes all day. A few thoughts for noding came to me, I may or may not explore some of these today.

I forgot! I found out yesterday that my new Powerbook will be shipping with OS X for FREE! It's weird for me buying an Apple, but hey we'll see. If I hate the OS I'll just install the latest version of Mandrake on it, which is soon to be released for PPC (yay!)