ode to a podge'y

oh, oh most noble noder
most intriguing little human
oh dreamiest of all those who might
dream a little dream of sweet 
spilling thoughts onto a page
the smile such words bring
perhaps my own might have been
m  n  l       with yours    
 i  g   i   g

oh to have but a brief glimpse 
into your perplexing self
to be able to think as you, though..
perhaps this might be a bit much

for sharing your dreamy thoughts
your lovely little words, your ass
i'd like to commend, compliment 
express my appreciation

i've decided the easiest way to do         this
would include s t a l k i n g
so when you see a face peeking in your window
that's just me, acting out my silent adoration

This has been the freakish beginning of my "ode to a noder" series.