This came up in a conversation I was having with yossarian, it's straight from his brain in fact, though he gave me the rights to his thought. When I first read it I was blown away by the intense truth to the point that I nearly fell back out of my chair in astonishment by its utter brilliance and potency, and immediately proclaimed that it would be a great node title! *glances around nervously* But, what sort of content should this most marvelous of node titles represent?!

When it was first said, it was in reference to baseball and the fact that the limited joy I get from the sport really isn't worth the risk of getting hit in the head with a ball, or even worse, a bat. Of course, this simply is not the only scenario to which this theory can be applied. Here are some other great applications for this beautiful little phrase of sorts: You'll probably have a lot more fun if you aren't worrying about whether or not you'll know who you are in the end. If you just find things to do that don't involve losing portions of your brain, whether they be large or small, you'll be okay, everything will be alright.. just remember to breathe, oxygen deprivation causes brain damage!