This day was infinitely dreamy to say the least. I even managed to get in what I would consider a few decent nodes. Ahh, refreshing after a week of .. well I guess the week wasn't so bad either. I love this life stuff, it's so great, I sometimes forget. And stuff. It smells like urine in here.. I have no idea why. It seems to be coming from outside. (I wonder if some strange drunk man is peeing outside the window.. he-he.)

I received a postcard from hoopy_frood today! I was so intensely happy!! I smiled, and smiled... and then I smiled more. It's all in french.. I think it says "simulated orgasm" on the front but my french is rusty. A friend of mine who I haven't seen in about, oh, 3 months wandered into my house today out of no where and she just happens to be a french language genius. Coincidence? Probably.. but a nice one, at least. She translated it out for me but I forget what she said now. Either way.. it made me extremely happy and said dreamy things and stuff. Proper thanks is still in order. My brain is working overtime.. *puffs of smoke rising from ears*, etc., etc..

I don't know. I had great things planned for this daylog, but now I don't know what to write. I think I'm a bit too tired perhaps. So, I'll write it tomorrow. I've got a couple new node ideas in a notepad file on the desktop for tomorrow too. Keep your eyeballs peeled. He-he..

Life is beautiful.