i don't know what this means. it fell out of my head.

                       i couldn't stand
                         on my own
i needed your arms
for support
and your words to 
comfort my many tumbles

i couldn't breathe
without you
and it scared me
it hurt, and i tried to
run away from the feeling
that i couldn't be
but for your presence

i thought

                        i was wrong and

there is nothing but
i like it.
you are not there
and i still live.

i still walk.

i still breathe and i am not lost. 
                                 (only when i want to be)

don't try to find me
no one to catch me when i fall
i love it.

                                i hadn't thought
                                you were keeping me down
                                not holding, loving. 

          comfort in routine

it is harder to pull myself up
without your assistance
but when i am standing i feel
       s t a b l e
i've grown a skin of pure emotion
you might break it but
                                     i exist for me, now. 
                                     there is no us

I love it.

I'd blindly follow the most hopeless of paths
        just to distance myself from you and the things
you made me believe.