do i forget how to speak sometimes, the words slide out upside down or sideways or some way, a way they're not supposed to and other times i forget a word completely. usually, i am most comfortable in text but.. so unsure of myself, what i am about to say, i feel the stumbling, tripping over my own tongue before i even form a sentence. it is unsettling. though, i should mention that this is not always, and is probably due to my recent bout of insanity.

so, to summarize my last five or six days.. i love road trips, despite their tendency to lean towards tedious, at times. niagra falls really is amazingly beautiful, i'll take back what i said about it's lack of presence upon seeing it for the first time. i am quite sure it was simply the angle and location, also that it was the united states side, which i am wont to think is less impressive.

cahla, masukomi, the turkey basting little humans, you two are wonderful. no, REALLY! cahla has cute bed head, and masu, well.. she is more to me then can be spilled in simple words.

so i'm here and it's confusing and i know i'm crazy but i guess you need to be crazy, sometimes (always).

mo. mo.