stumbled, only slightly, gasping in the cold air crispness, darkness around and there were no ends no beginnings of earth, just the bleak whiteness that would lead me places i should not, could not have been.

panting, softly, slid lightly into softness, breaking hard surface to feel almost surrounded in the cold. some nights here are so moist.

i had thought my lips might not withstand such intensity, parted, to feed on moon drenched clarity. it is what i love about here, the nothing that will hold you when everyone and everything seem so far. i thrust myself gently forward, farther into soft, white, into clouds i could only remember them from below and so i might have laid down and stared straight up to find that feeling again.

slices of moon make me feel warm, as you have, as you do, the stars almost return my enraptured thought'y stares. i did not find you there, and so, i made sweet love with air, and the dark, with the cold snow and wispy cloud matter. the universe silence cradling us all, we were lost then, in the best sort of way.