sweetness and light but don't bother me tonight
only ecclesiastical by the church of us
roseblood and honey days, I didn't believe you
when you said you'd bleed to be like me
seraphims must cut themselves
on amaranthine spires ill and switchblades all the same

starry rhinestones puncture
hold back and make it last catharsis
three sighs, lies, and atonement I swear I'll let you
we're so beautifully desperate and I'm not scared
chrome impossibility means we both lose touch

codependency channels cheap thrills between guardrails of allegiance
by now I'm overexposed photography seen right through
you said spit in the mirror or have the belladonna know your name
but I am protruding the arabesque amplitude so well

hail mary decimation and unbearable voicelessness
we're immured heartbeats in the bathtub
laundering away fermented screams for a blackout kickback
and I'm unfinished here as sheetmetal reverberations
achoo eschew i hear them say she's a shrinking violet

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