Memories of My best friend (Who's now dead.)

My best friend Aaron Bebak has stayed over at my house on a May night. I live down the street from local loser Kyle Rosenbluth (15 girlfriends in 15 months). I used to get catalogs that would sell army surplus junk and other cool stuff. They would also sell illegal weapons

(For example: A picture, obviously of brass knuckles with spikes on them, advertised as a "paper weight" that cannot be sold in Arkansas, Massachusettes, Minnesota, etc.)

We put on these full camouflage suits we ordered along with ski masks and gloves...

We sneak down the block to Kyle's house signaling eatchother every five yards or so even though it was a Sunday morning and no one was outside (trying to keep it professional). We finally reach his house and we have the folling equipment:

We take the machete and cut up the potato on his front porch then spread some vegetable oil on his doorknob and sidewalk in front of his house. Aaron threw the egg at the window but it didn't make any noise or mess, it just fell onto the grass. We wondered if anyone would notice what we did so we poured some more vegetable oil on his lawn. We then left; mission complete.

The Escape
We ran back to my house trying not to laugh, repeating the same motions we made on the way over, but we saw a car coming our way. We realized it was too late and the car had seen us, but we leaped into some hedges near to us anyways and peeked out. It was the "Protection One" van. Now this security guard man just saw two guys in full camo and ski masks with a machete jump into some bushes at 5:30 am Sunday morning. His car was going about 2 mph while we circled the hedge as he drove around us and left. It was the hardest I ever laughed with Aaron, and I'll miss him.