Now, its just a semi-funny ongoing joke from Austin Powers referencing a scene from Jerry Mcguire, but its also the feeling you get when you meet ‘the one’.

You spend every day, living life, thinking youre happy in your current situation (Whatever that situation may be), but when you do meet ‘the one’ you realize that you were incomplete before knowing them. You immediately feel like you’ve known each other forever, but alternately can’t wait to hear everything about them. You could be thinking the same thoughts at the same time, finishing each other’s sentences, sharing the same likes/dislikes, almost immediately. Two halves of a whole.

No matter how happy you are, you don’t fully grasp the phrase “you complete me” until you experience it first hand. When it happens its like every movie you’ve ever seen, but so much better, whereas you knew that kind of thing never happens in real life, after you experience it all you can think is how unfortunate it is that the rest of the world isn’t experiencing it with you.

I’ve been completed.

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