I actually had this dream a little while ago, but I can't remember exactly when, so it'll be easier to write it in for today than figure it out.

I dream that I am organizing a large animal rights event or convention of some kind. Not far from the truth, I organize a yearly convention in real life. So... I am waiting outside this really big event. Waiting for someone to show up and deliver something which will be central to the event.

ABBA, the band, drives up. I wouldn't know it was ABBA were they not driving a giant black cube van with "ABBA" in white letters painted on the side, back, front, everywhere. One of the members of the band steps out of the truck and wordlessly hands me a severed dog head. No blood or anything, just cut off at the neck and dead, eyes open. A beautiful chocolate brown dog. The head is still warm.

I am naturally horrified, but not for the reasons I should be. What is terrible is that now I have to face a horde of animal rights activists with this severed dog head as my only token. I can't believe ABBA could do something like this.

Obviously, ABBA misunderstood the assignment.