I was watching a commercial advertisement on TV. A woman was standing cooking in a kitchen, and a man knocked on the door and offered her a steak, completely for free. The only hitch about it, was that it was ritual meat, and according to religion, whoever got it was obliged to do the following two things before preparing it: a) to put a fresh laurel leaf on it, and b) say a special prayer.

"That sounds OK to me", the woman said. "But what kind of prayer?" Then the salesman burst into a language I've never heard before. It was hilariously difficult, and filled with uvulars. I could still remember the first two words after waking up:

[no"N\oq to"q'okoqic]
The transcription being in SAMPA, with the addition that "'" is the ejective diacritic.

I think this dream can be interpreted as a Love Dream. In any case, it had a real impact on me.

I lived in an area contrary to where I live in reality, and it was in the process of being threatened by a large-scale natural disaster of some sort. (A Hurricane perhaps?) Myself, and many of my co-workers were running across what appeared to be a lightly-colored desert. I remember one of the engineers I work with, looking back behind us and yelling "Do you want to reflect on your life, or do you want to die now?" attempting to encourage others to run with us.

Apparently, I was in a serious relationship with a woman named "Lisa" - except this "Lisa" looked and talked like my company's former-receptionist-turned-provisioner. Why she was now named "Lisa", I couldn't say.

What was really nice about this dream, was that Lisa and I were completely devoted to one another. This fact became evident later on in the dream, where all of us were now making our way through an industrial-steel maze-like building. We went down a shaft with powerful vents, only to meet someone pointing a gun at us.

We were forced to sit down and answer trivia questions. If a person got an answer correct, the person with the gun would slightly morph into something else at which time, they would have to be beaten until unconscious or dead. "Lisa" refused to leave my side, and I refused to leave hers. We stuck it out together to the very end, where we reached the ocean, and took off in a cube-like pod.

I've never written one of these before...

I can't remember much, but I remember what I was dreaming right before I woke up. I was down the Jersey Shore, and it was raining. It was rather cold and dark out, and I went into an almost-empty bar on the boardwalk (this must have been Sea Isle City or Wildwood) with a few friends of mine to dry off and get warm. Who's in there but that certain professor that I've been obsessing about? We stand at the bar talking by ourselves (I don't remember what about), and he leans his head in so that I can hear better; I misunderstand and think he's going to kiss me. So I, being a fool, make as if to kiss him back. He realizes what's going on and says, "OK, you and me--outside." I know I'm caught, and there's no going back. What can I do? I fall on the floor, hiding under the barstools. He tells me to get up; I say, "No, no, I like it down here--it's quite comfortable. Now let's pretend nothing happened and just order a beer."

Then I woke up. I think it's pretty obvious what's going on. I'm afraid that I'll let my guard down, that it'll all come out, and I fear the consequences.

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