Yesterday I installed a little extra to my startup; every time I turn my computer on, Calvin and Hobbes appear quoting something...just now it was “A little rudeness and disrespect can elevate a meaningless interaction to a battle of wills and add drama to an otherwise dull day”- how true.

I am sad to announce that in all probability a little Italian bonsai will be undernourished and endangered soon, because as I can´t take it out directly on an (absent ) friend who gave this lovely plant to me, the bonsai will have to replace him for some time now.
Men, men, men. I don´t know.
I´ve met mostly American boys/men these last days through work, the girls don´t come as often to talk about their problems to me, apart from Katherine, a girl from Ripon College, but originally Chicago, who is already thirty and considerably more mature than most of the other students.
Anyhow, sofar everybody seems very friendly. I just walked back from University with Stephen from California who is well..amazing..he is how we Germans imagine an American in many respects..he loves to get drunk, goes hunting, and now he just told me he wants to finish school as quickly as possible to join the Marines and went on about the military careers of his brother who killed thousands in the Desert Storm and was awarded twice and how he wants to continue this military tradition within his family. He reminded me of Tom Cruise in Top Gun. I really didn´t know how to reply approriately, especially when he pointed out that the USA expects another war within the next three years and he seemed to look forward to joining in.
Excellent. I have no clue why he studies German.