• Two eggs
  • Some flour
  • A li'l bit of water
  • Some chicken bouillon, chicken soup, or chicken-flavored (non-meat) powder

This recipe makes one serving . . . but you have to be hungry, or have a friend with you to eat what you're too full to consume.


    Boil some water. Use one bouillon for every cup of water, or follow the directions on your little packet thingie, whatever you have. While you're waiting for your water to boil, you can scramble the eggs in a large bowl. Then, add just a smidgen of water to the eggs; set the water on a trickle and just run the bowl under briefly. After that, you'll start adding flour. This is the tricky part. You add flour until the mix is about the consistency of pancake mix. If it gets too chunky, closer to cookie dough, then you'll need to add more eggs and more water (and accept that you will have leftovers); if it's the consistency of soup, you'll need to add some more flour. When it's right and the water's boiling, drop little bits of it into the boiling water, using a large spoon or ladle. The bits of mix will become dumplings, so if you like little dumplings, use little scoops, and if you like big dumplings (like I do), throw big chunks of that stuff in there. Make sure you haven't forgotten to add your flavoring (the bouillon or chicken powder), because it tastes nasty in water. The dumplings should be more or less done cooking pretty much as soon as they've been in the boiling water for a few seconds, but if they're big give them a little bit longer. Stir it around and take care not to let it boil over; it has a tendency to do that! When the dumplings are ready (you can check by cutting one and making sure it's not runny inside), you can turn off the heat, get yourself a bowl, and eat it. Sometimes it needs salt. This dish is actually also good with bits of carrot in it; you can add those to the water before you dump the dumplings in if you want to. It's really yummy; it's been a recipe in my family for a while. :) I've fed it to a few of my friends and only one has gagged and asked me for something else, but that was a bad batch anyway. :)

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