Tonight I dreamed about somebody holding me so tight, embracing me with such force that I could hardly breathe, but it was a wonderful feeling actually, not at all suffocating. Better dream in any case than the one I had recently about Hannelore Kohl ( who commited suicide some weeks ago, because apparently she had a light-allergy and had to live in constant darkness ), anyhow in my dream Helmut Kohl actually killed her and I saw him doing it, because all three of us were sleeping in the same room. Horrible.
So now I just came back from the market place of Bonn where the Team Telecom of The Tour de France celebrated their “heroes” ( as they repeatedly called them ). First if all we all got huge pink inflatable hands and rather cheap pink hats. Then the Kölsch ( kölsch is the dialect in this area ) band “Brings” played a few songs until finally Udo Bölts, Erik Zabel, Kevin Livingston, Gian-Matteo Fagnini and last but not least Jan Ullrich, this year´s second best appeared. Everybody waved their hats and pink hands and in return the cyclists waved back, always grinning, looking like school boys.
The mayoress Bärbel Diekmann said a few unimportant things nobody listened to---but then—Jan Ullrich addressing his fans: It was truly epic. I wish you had been there. He is not the most gifted talker, he muddles up prepositions and talked about the Champs-Élysées ( pronouncing it incredibly ) in Paris yesterday and how happy he still was to be here in Bonn…completely clumsily he somehow delievered his speech but it made him all the more lovable.

Afterwards we went for lunch to the University´s mensa that was surprisingly crowded and I ate too much. My day, sofar.