I was thinking about life lists today - looming birthdays tend to do that to me. I realized that if I really want to start kicking things off my list, that I'd better get my ass in gear - it's a long list. 1) Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
2) Hike the Appalacian Trail
3) Sail from the Florida Keys to the Yucatan, stopping at all islands along the way. Hitching boats would be fine.
4) Ride horseback across the continental U.S. Preferably always on back roads. Be a bum along the way, as in, bum pasture and feed and camping spots from people I meet along the way.
5) Ride freights from Alaska to the lower 48.
6) Live in Juneau, or somewhere else near to arctic circle for a summer.
7) Hike across france, or at least Provence.
8) Go around the world.
9) Spend a summer in Florence, for Helen.
10) Sail in the Mediterranian.

I've already:
Fought forest fires
Ridden on the release tube of an air tanker
Flown a helicopter
Climbed Mt. Rainier
Skied down Mt. Adams.
Skied down Mt. Shasta.
Walked on Denali.
Lived in Alaska.
Climbed Outer Space.
Climbed Godzilla.
Had a baby.
Had cancer.
Gotten married (twice).
Gotten divorced (once, DV).
Sailed in the Carribean.
Visited the Nine Ladies.
Been on an archaeological dig.
Run a project with a budget over 9 million dollahs.
Tipped over a sailboat.
Had knee surgery (twice), tonsils gone (once), gone Amazonian (once), many crowns, nearsighted as hell. Trying not to lose any more body parts.
Travelled to far places.
Butchered a hog.
Buried loved ones.
Gotten bachelor's degrees and master's degrees. PhD?
More later.

Looks like I'd better get busy. What are yours?