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Self-employed computer consultant, specializing in desktop and network security. Pan-Am Internet is the company I operate, in business for two and a half years and with two staff.

September 17, 2005

Some time ago, I asked some of the chatterbox crowd about what to do with badly formatted or unformatted nodes. I wondered if having a "plain text" option was a good idea at one point.

Admittedly, E2 has its own unique rules, like any community would have its own rules. However, E2 has a very large established population and can afford to lose some of its weaker members by, say, requiring some rudimentary HTML knowledge.

My Anti-Windows Catalog project cannot afford such heavy-handedness. It doesn't have the population that E2 has. But that doesn't stop me from borrowing some of E2's ideas. And some of Slashdot's.

The end result was a new Anti-Windows Catalog page that resembles E2 in appearance - mostly to accomodate text-based browsers - and a nice "plain text" mode for creating catalog entries. So, E2's influenced my design in many ways than I can give thanks for, but thanks all the same.
Beta test site:

May 9, 2005:...

As you have crossed the bridge, you realize that journey has only begun...
You realize you are now an official Everythingian. What awaits you, you do not know...
EVERYTHINGIAN, revive the power of the INTERNET!
Everything created by The Everything Development Company.

Yes, I finally reached Level 2. Cue the Final Fantasy music!

January 19, 2005: Cyber-Enemies of the United States of America is finished yet is incomplete. Surely there are more cyber-enemies awaiting discovery!

To those who /msg'd me about Without users, this wouldn't be a problem, thanks for the feedback and the tough questions. I'm going to write more stuff like this, and it will likely cost me XP. However, the truth is more important to me than XP. Besides, E2's audience is helping greatly - rants with higher reputations will likely find a permanent home on my own rants pages at Pan-Am.

"They are exploiting a weakness in the user." This somehow found its way onto a LiveJournal page devoted to snarky comments (their words) according to The Big See. heh heh heh...

December 12, 2004: To all you downvoters out there: I don't take the experience system seriously. Woe to those who do.

I hoped to send a "no worries, thanks for dealing with it," note to whomever invoked Klaproth on the former bashing Microsoft node. But they didn't identify themselves. I hope a short note here suffices.

December 7, 2004: heh, looks like Carrot Juice Is Murder is my all-time most controversial node. I didn't write the song - I know this - but when I saw People for Ethical Treatment of Vegetables and a broken link to one of The Arrogant Worms' more popular songs, I couldn't resist. OK?

I really wasn't noding for numbers - honest. Or you'd see entire Arrogant Worms albums.

Rather than downvote me (or upvote me, or C! me, or nuke me) instead consider filling the nodeshell The Secret Life of Plants. That should be far more amusing.