Gabriel Prosser planned the largest slave revolt recorded in history.

Prosser recruited something like 3,000 slaves to take part in the revolt in the course of five months. His plan was to take over the state of Virginia as a Black state. Uh, and he was going to become the king.

The plan called for an invasion of Richmond where they would seize the arsenal and kill every white person who wasn't a Quaker or a Methodist. After taking Richmond a series of attacks on other surrounding cities would eventually secure the entire state.

In the late stages of planning, two slaves ratted him out to their master who told the governor. Despite that major setback Prosser actually managed to assemble 1,000 slaves outside of Richmond. Prosser didn't know that he'd been betrayed at that point.

On the day that Prosser and his forces were to invade Richmond an insanely powerful thunderstorm rolled in and washed out most of the bridges and roads into Richmond. Prosser was forced to retreat and reschedule.

The state forces caught them on the way back. Prosser and 34 of his men were arrested and hung.