Just a quick addition to what is written above about medical marijuana use in Colorado.

The problem with the language of this initiative is that it really doesn't extend any legal protection to people who sell pot or provide any sort of plan for legal distribution of marijuana. Users must register with the state as such which gives them protection legally but the sale of marijuana is stil very much illegal in Colorado. Given that there is a state level registry of medical marijuana users with no provision given to the accessibility of marijuana the paranoid part of me that sees conspiracy lurking in every corner says that this is an elaborate and convoluted sting.

Of course there is also the practical side of me that argues against the idea of faux legalization of drugs when there is no standard for purity involved in the process. I wonder if this isn't a deft political maneuver to create ineffective legislation that inhibits any practical application of it while pacifying the demands of voters.

End note: Despite my obvious suspicion and paranoia I do not smoke pot or really advocate its use for recreation.