Am I painting too broad of a landscape?
Trying to take in the forest, when
All I need is one right tree


                                         She wants to pull me out of it
                                         (Good thing for her it's
                                         Out of her hands)
                                         Young hearts can have
                                         Some trouble finding patience


                                         She appreciates action
                                         (Come on, help yourself
                                         So that you can reach me)
                                         She wants me split down the middle


                                         She's picked up some bad habits
                                         (Flinching, defensive,
                                         Confused and uncertain)
                                         Poor muscle memories
                                         To love by


                                         But it's all so normal
                                         (So easy to own up to)
                                         An admission of inactivity
                                         The standard of deviation
                                         (between us)


                                         as stone)
                                         Young minds will find reasons for the inconsistencies
                                         With or without evidence


With or without reason

(A garden
of hearts)

Not broken,
just tired
just tired