A delicious type of cookie made by Pepperidge Farm, and usually sold in packs of 15. It consists of two oval-shaped wafers with some chocolate (or other filling) between the halves. It's like a light, flaky, inverse-Oreo. If you need a quick fix, you can often buy a small two- or four-pack on the cheap from your nearest convenience store.

As of this writing, I have consumed the following types of Milano cookies:

  • Original Milano (Dark chocolate filling)
  • Milk Chocolate Milano
  • Orange Milano (A light orange creme filling)
  • Raspberry Milano (Raspberry-flavored chocolate)
  • Double Chocolate Milano
  • Mint Milano (Minty-flavored chocolate, like an Andes mint with cookies around it)
  • Endless Chocolate Milano (chocolate wafers with milk-chocolate filling)
  • Enrobed Milano, which comes in a different packaging and only includes eight cookies in a box. It is an Endless Chocolate Milano covered in milk chocolate. Very fattening.
/msg me if I've missed any.

Mmm... cookies...