Brilliant automobile designer.

In the close-knit and liberal atmosphere of a family of artists in Milan, the ideas of Ettore Bugatti (1881–1947) for the perfect automobile matured. Contrary to the wishes of his father Carlo Bugatti, a successful sculptor and furniture designer, Ettore began a career as an automobile designer. The seventeen-year-old gave up his place at the College of Art in Milan to take up an apprenticeship in a bicycle factory. He already began building his first racing car in this period, creating an international stir in 1901. In the years that followed, Ettore Bugatti worked for various automobile manufacturers, establishing his reputation as a pioneering designer. In 1909, he founded his own company in Molsheim in Alsace. In his ceaseless efforts to create beauty, Ettore Bugatti drew innumerable construction sketches. Although he had never studied mathematics or technology, for his engineers these sketches formed the indisputable basis of the fascinating touring, sports and racing cars to emerge from Molsheim.

Some quotes:

"Nothing is too beautiful, nothing is too expensive"

"The drawing is the only great master, that dominates automobile construction."

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