Mahir Cagri became a net god quite suddenly in 1999. His personal home page was famous. He was written up by major magazines, and interviewed on TV, all over the world.

People were charmed by Mahir's bad English and sincere invitation for foreign women to come to his home for some volleyball, nude photography, and sex. His page was like the dumbest sort of personal ad, written in amateurish HTML. The photos of Mahir in red Speedos, and playing the accordion, were mind-bogglingly tacky. Yet the page had a strange beauty, like some kind of postmodern found poem.

The Mahir craze sparked a wave of tourism to Turkey, where people actually went to tour Mahir's house. Mahir began to see himself as an ambassador of international goodwill, as the fan mail poured in. You can still buy mugs, mouse pads, and t-shirts emblazoned with vintage Mahir photos. The phrase "I kiss you!" has made its way into English slang.

This is what was on his home page: -----------------------------------------------------------

This is my page .......


I KISS YOU !!!!!

(photo of Mahir in a suit, full length)

I like music , I have many many musicenstrumans my home I can play

I like sport , swiming , basketball ,tenis , volayball , walk .........

(photo of Mahir posing in front of a building)

I like sex

I like travel I go 3-4 country every year

I went , Germany , Nederland , Belgium , Austria , Denmark, Sweden , Hungary

Moldovia , Ukraina , Bulgaria , Romania , Macedonia ,Azerbaijan , Georrgia , Iran .....

(photo of Mahir playing ping-pong, nattily dressed)

My profession jurnalist , music and sport teacher , I makepsycolojy doctora

I like to take foto-camera (amimals , towns , nice nude models andpeoples).....

(photo of Mahir gazing out over a sea wall)

My tall 1.84 cm (6.2 feet) My weight 78 kg.

My eyes green .. I live alone !!!!!!!!!

I have home - car .........

(famous photo of Mahir in red speedo bathing suit, lying on a towel)

(photo of Mahir looking happy, arms outspread)

(photo of Mahir playing the accordion)

(a few more bad snapshots of Mahir)

I like to be friendship from different country ..

I live in TURKEY -town IZMIR ...( 4 million peoples - near the sea - old history)...

Who is want to come TURKEY I can invitate .....

She can stay my home ........

I speake turkish , english , rusian , I want to learn otherlanguage !

alex sez: has a copy of the original page