Ha! In rolls a summery month with huge clouds and rain galore! Here I am back at work again, trying to do a job I don't understand for people who don't care.

For anyone who's following, I managed to get my Tv Tuner Card installed whilst absolutely cacking myself that I was going to break my computer. I also managed to jack into my parents internet connection so I can use it for free when they're not on!

I also purchased the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring computer game, which is bug tastic! Oh well at £10 it's not the worst thing I've ever played.

I had such an amusing weekend, on friday it was the champagne breakfast at the college my girlfriend goes to. This is the last day of lessons for the upper sixth and consists of going down to Riverside Park in Winchester at about 8 in the morning and getting hideously drunk/high depending on your choice of relaxant. Then, anybody who can still walk tries to walk across town back to college to go to lessons. Just before the hangover kicks in, everybody goes out in the evening as well, resulting in feeling particularly rough the next morning.

I was at work whilst my girlfriend was at the champagne breakfast and I got a call about 2 in the afternoon...

Hey.... Gav....Itsh Alex! Help. I'm pissed! M'lost, there'sh whipped cream in my hair, booze all down my front and I jus threwup! 'v been thrying to get home for.... 3 hours! m'lost! Wait!....... It's the skatepark! Pish... m'back where I started... m'gonna try'nd get to the stayshun 'k? She you later! We're going out tonight! Yay!

Oh dear God.