A game two people can play with coins. For simplicity's sake, we'll call one player the "boy" and one player the "girl." The boy's coin will be the "nickel" and the girl's coin will be the "dime."

At the start of the game, the boy and the girl must find a flat surface, such as a floor or table. They then spin their coins into the middle of the playing area. If the coins collide, they must trade coins.

1. If both coins land heads, both players gain a point.
2. If both coin land tails, both players lose a point.
3. If only the nickel gets heads, the girl wins a point.
4. If only the dime gets heads, the boy wins a point.
5. If either coin ends up on the edge, the game is over.

The first person to reach ten points may choose whether the game should be played to 0 or 20. If both the boy and the girl reach 10 points together, the game is over. Both players win when the game is over.

Players keep the last coin they spun. They must remember the score, who first reached 10, and the circumstances of the coin staying on edge, if it happened.