I watched my creations in their little world, scurrying about their business. They were interesting at first, but after watching a few of their lifetimes, it started to get boring. The same basic behaviors over and over, fueled by the same motivations. Sure their technology steadily improved, but that was about the only reason that kept me coming back to watch them, instead of spending all my time on my other projects.

Their language was constantly changing - after fifty or so generations, it was nearly unrecognizable. I never bothered to learn it - by the time I figured out what they were saying, too much time would have passed anyway.

My mate asked me the other day why I didn't make their world a heavenly paradise - how I could just stand by and watch them suffer. I told her this world was just a hobby - I wasn't about to stop time with every little thing that went wrong, figure out all the parameters I had to tweak to make things right again, and risk having to do more work fixing up all the unintended consequences. It would simply take up too much of my time - which I needed for my previously mentioned other projects.

I mean them no ill will and I wish them all the best, but there's only so much effort I'm willing to put into their world. Besides, if all hell breaks loose in this world, I can always create another.