Thomas Jefferson once wrote, in reference to slavery and the slave trade, that the thought that a Just God, made him tremble, because that justice can't sleep forever, and someday, all the lies and hypocrisy and years of oppression would have to be brought to the surface. And of course, that is very frightful to think of. I am sure that if every sin committed in my name and the name of my forefathers was redressed, my nice little studio apartment, and me, and my colorful collection of post cards on the wall that I am so proud of would be destroyed.

But see, that isn't what I am afraid of. What really keeps me up all night is the thought that God is merciful. Because, whatever the consequences, one of the things that keeps me going is the thought that lies will be revealed, hypocrisy uncovered, cruel deeds unmasked, the gild taken away from the rottenness, the high brought low, and in general, faces cleared of smirks. The complete ridiculousness and absurdity of those who force us to live like we do will all be brought forward in one moment of apocalyptic truth.

It is ironic that fascism achieved its major goal: as I have explained, fascism was an attempt to create a culture free of ambiguity. And it was through fascism that several cultures: Germany & Japan, for two, received a totally unambiguous result as to what would happen when they embraced the culture of unreflectivity. What I fear is that it is only the nations, or people, who embrace this level of evil that will ever get that foot to head to curb lesson. The rest will just manage to float away, year after year, somehow receiving pardon for their actions, as the nation of Turkey is currently doing.

What type of God would leave people without this compulsion to truly face themselves?

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