I want to thank you for being with me. I realize this may not be something you think much of, but it is important to me. I need this and I'm glad you've been here to give it to me.

You make me feel satisfied. It is a rare thing, I realize - something I will probably lose quite quickly. But in these rare moments of contentment, I don't want us to forget how thankful I am for you.

It's been at times frustrating I'll admit, but you have to remind me not to dwell upon the down times. Perhaps it's just something wrong with my outlook that I dwell on such things at all. That is something I should fix about myself, but I lack the knowledge how. Can you advise me? Can you help me with a useful conclusion from all that management and leadership you are studying?

Regardless, there are so many good, solid things you have brought into my life. I realize there are far too many times I've taken those things for granted. It really is true one hardly realizes what one has until one loses it. It is far too easy for me to forget all the things I love about you.

I know this feeling won't last long, but for a brief moment I felt this way, despite myself. This note to you is proof of that. I hope I will hold such memories precious. There are far less precious things I keep returning to look at that I shouldn't. I don't know why I make myself suffer.

But for a short time, I was happy, with you, with my brief moment in all that is. Thanks.