I call in to work at 4:20 pm. I tell them that my sister is in town, and I want to go out to dinner with her, this will make me an hour late for my shift. I ask if anyone else has called in, or if anything bad is going on. Everything is peachy, they tell me. Go ahead. I leave my cell phone number in case of emergency... and tell them that I will be in at 7:00 pm.

At 5:40 pm, I get a call. I am at the mall with my sister and her boyfriend. It is work. "Dave's on vacation," they tell me. There is no one to cover, except for Tina, and she doesn't want to do it. You need to come in at your regular time.

I have to take my sister home, then go to work. I am forty minutes from home. I tell them I'll be there ASAP. I take my sister home, then go to work. I arrive, and Tina is there, along with two other people, and the partner for my shift. There are two more people than normal, basically. There was no reason for me to hurry to work. Of course, nobody bothered to think about that before they rained on my parade. What is the plural of dufus??

Once again, considered updating terrible seething gimletchops, but can't figure out what a gimletchop is. Green jaw? Updated Lee Stories instead, with Before You Hear It From Someone Else and KKKill the Fetus, Part II. I think the next one will be the end, and any further Lee Stories will be less dramatic. I don't like rehashing this "friendship," but reliving it like this makes me less likely to make friends with another one of these types of people.