I am the proud new owner of a 2001 Ford Focus ZX3. It is the sportiest egg on the block. It is also the loudest egg in terms of stock stereo system that I have ever experienced.

I had been hunting around looking to buy a new car since July, and was really thinking about getting a Ford Ranger - I figured that owning a pickup truck would make it easier to move from one state to another (which I plan on doing in the next couple years). I thought about this some more, and realizing that I would never fit everything I owned into a truck bed and attached trailer, I decided to get a car. My stepfather works for Ford, and I am therefore hooked up with the A plan. I researched the ZX2, the Focus, and thought about getting what would be my third pre-owned Ford Escort. After some consideration into my needs vs. my wants, the choices were to either go used, or get a new Focus.

I went with the Focus. MSRP on the model that I wanted was 14,500. Dealer added options (an alarm, some hellacious window tinting and some other crap - special tires?) bumped the dealer price up to 18,500 before tax, title, & registration. Like hell. After the wheeling and dealing and the salesperson dropping a couple grand off that price, I announced my Ford favored status and paid (with tax and an extended 5 year warranty) 14,500 for the car. Pretty damn good.

Anyway, about the car: it's sporty looking, has admirable suspension, and it's pretty quick. Yes, it is just a 4 cylinder, but it also only weighs like 13 pounds. Well, maybe a little bit more. The Focus is also supposedly the first car built "from the inside out" which makes it ergonomically the most convenient and comfortable car I've ever driven. Everything is within reach, and all of the instruments are a cinch to figure out. The car has a 13 gallon gas tank, and gets 35 mpg highway, which will be much more fuel efficient than my boyfriend's beloved SUV (which I was driving prior to yesterday).

Yay Focus.