it's = "it is"


This has been a message from the anal-retentive English teacher who lives in my forebrain, asking you to please, use apostrophes wisely.

In other news, cut and paste writeups will die.


The Everything Editor's Job includes noding, so I'm going to be repeating last month's successful experiment of posting my creations here, in the hopes of shaming myself into writing more. My goal: five or more non-edlog writeups by the end of the month. Can I do it, ladies and gentlemen? Only time will tell. Update, 4 June 2003: Um, oops. I lose.

  • Added a few random fun facts to Moxie.
  • The Langoliers, because I just reread it and there wasn't a writeup yet.
  • Strength to Love, because I'm still reading up on nonviolence and I try to write something about every new book I finish. If nothing else, it's good practice. Hilariously, it appeared just after Down With Love in the New Writeups nodelet; thanks to Oolong for pointing this out to me.
  • attention, because there was nothing in that node yet about the topic as an area of psychology.


I promise to sign my Klaproth messages and talk to users whenever possible (generally if someone's been away from e2 for three or more months, I start operating under the assumption that they're not going to get back to me in under a month). If you're terribly embarrassed about having your ex-writeups listed in this section, drop me a /msg and I'll remove the deletion record.

  • Steve Irwin (person) by modiorne because it was cut and paste from - user has not been seen on e2, period, so I performed a little fled user audit and all is well with the world.
  • Idoru (person) by mkb after I made some suggestions to it and the author asked me to remove it.
  • Meat By-Products and their Uses (idea) by lordsibn because typos are one thing but smartass comments about why you're not fixing your typos make the anal-retentive English teacher who lives in my forebrain see red. User has not been online in 2 years or I would've tried to discuss editing the writeup in question. As it is, a fled user audit may be in order.

Editor Cooled

  • Raising the bar, for being as nicely-written a little explication of some E2 history as I've ever encountered on this site. Also to commemorate the impending dissolution of The Content Rescue Team, who helped bring about the change in standards and goals alluded to in the node in question.


Like it says on my homenode, I don't offer suggestions to writeups that aren't worth improving. Them I feed to Klaproth, and get on with my life. So if I suggest you remove a wayward apostrophe, it's nothing personal; I'm just trying to help. Honest. You don't have to /msg me your undying gratitude, but it's better to ignore me than to get snarky trying to defend your misspellings to my forehead English teacher. Just fix 'em and move on, okay?

In general, I prefer to /msg users about typos in their writeups, Typo Death Squad-style, rather than go in and fix them myself without asking or being asked to do so. There are exceptions to this rule --- a few trusting souls who've given me permission to fix whatever goofs I find in their work, and users who have not been on e2 in over 3 months. I don't always save a copy of my typo alert /msgs, so if you thank me for my hints, remind me where I should go deliver my upvotes (and possible C!s), Typo Death Squad-style. When I do save copies of /msgs to users, and I don't get a response within about a month, I follow up. I start by checking the relevant writeup. Usually it's been fixed, and all is right with the world. That's cool; I can vote it up and get on with my day. Sometimes the writeup hasn't been fixed, and it turns out the author hasn't been around to get my typo message. That's cool, too; at this point I'll generally go in and fix things myself, usually leaving a /msg to reflect what I've done. Occasionally I'll have been ignored entirely (i.e. a writeup by a recently active user will still have the typos in it). This makes me a little grumpy, but I try to be cool. Depending on my mood and how much I like the writeup in question, there's a few possible ways I'll react to this, ranging from repeating my "please fix this" request, maybe offering a C! as a bribe if the writeup's really excellent, to or fixing the writeup itself, and downvoting it out of spite. So that's how that works. Now you know.

Finally, I don't mind it when users point out the occasional typo in fled users' writeups, but please don't flood my Message Inbox with tons of correction requests all at once! One at a time is good, and only once in a while is better. Thanks for your understanding.


  • Updated The Content Rescue Team : Nodes a few times. Lately my Typo Death Squad tendencies have been conflicting with my strong desire to prune the big CRT list; I want noders to correct their spelling and punctuation before updating the list to reflect their work. I think this might be silliness on my part, since CRT and TDS are separate entities, and nobody really reads the "recent rescues" list at the bottom of the CRT list anyway. Sigh.