On August 11, 2002 I opened my Message Inbox to read from Klaproth that my writeup in code-switching had been moved to code switching. Right after that was a message from Cool Man Eddie that code switching had gotten the nod from one of my esteemed colleagues. To express my gratitude, I did my best to clean up the nodegel by applying firm links and softlocks where appropriate, and fixing the hardlinks in a few writeups of mine that referred to code-switching. In other news, I'm coming to the end of my big Summer 2002 European Odyssey, which means my e2 participation should be more regular (and just plain more) in this and the following months. I've missed y'all.




  • My answers to factgirl's Christianity test (idea) by raybass because writeup does not mean reply, especially when the thing it's replying to doesn't exist anymore. Added node title to Nodeshells Marked for Destruction.
  • My Mach 3 makes life worth living (idea) by chuck (mercifully) because it sucked, and lots of downvoters agreed with me on that. Added node title to Nodeshells Marked for Destruction.
  • What do you believe? (idea) by SkiBum5 (mercifully) because it's a misspelled quote just begging for a lot more GTKY crap to follow it. Added node title to Nodeshells Marked for Destruction.
  • tuna (thing) by Xamot (mercifully) because it was essentially a one-liner and superceded by pimephalis's writeup. Now all this node needs is more info about tuna as food...
  • True Love Waits (idea) by JeffMagnus (mercifully) because it boiled down to a relatively useless GTKY/one-liner.
  • Commando (idea) by Dr. Plaid (mercifully) because it was a pretty useless one-liner
  • Commando (thing) by RandomIdiot (mercifully) because it boiled down to a cut-and-paste and was getting downvoted to hell to boot.