The precocious child star of Diff'rent Strokes. His growth stunted by a kidney disease, his money stolen by his greedy parents and manager, he is now possibly the world's smallest and most pitiful security guard.

A follow-up to Gary Coleman's career. He has now launched a website in order to auction off his belongings as souvenirs and memoirs in order to generate some income. Besides that, he can be seen in many advertising spots and has invested some money into a Los Angeles based gift-basket store that specializes in gags.

Another update! Gary Coleman is now a writer on the Underground Online website, with a column called "Coleman Confidential". He's literate-ish, I guess, but I don't find his column to be funny or entertaining when I've read it...

Oh and according to an interview in some men's magazine (like Maxim or something), he's still a virgin.

E2 editor's note: And a final update... as of May 28, 2010, he's dead.

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