Mudbugs are also known as crawdads or crawfish or crayfish. The look like little lobsters and live in fresh water especially shallow cricks with rocks and stones for the mudbugs to hide under. They are easy to catch. Just put on high water boots and wade around till you get near one. Then reach down and grab it just behind the head. It will try to pinch you but it can’t if you grab it in the right spot.

The word mudbug is used in the Deep South. You can use mudbugs to make jambalaya, or you can boil them and shell them one by one. If you are a real man you suck the goo out of the claws and eat that too. If you are an young kid watching you uncle do this you squeal with disgust.

When you find out that daddy cooked the cute mudbugs you caught when you wanted to keep them as pets… well, then you cry.