The trouble with cooped up chickens (cage-raised chicken) is that they often have a higher fat content, they are given hormones to simulate muscle production, rather than building it up naturally and often they end up sitting in their own chicken shit for hours or days leading to a more contaminated meat.

In 1987 60 Minutes did a section called "Fecal Soup" exposing the gory side of the chicken farming industry. Along with the work of countless activists, free-rage chicken was popularised.

According to the USDA a Free-Range Chicken is any chicken with access to the outside. It’s important to note that a chicken may be free-range and still raised in filthy conditions hopped up on growth hormones and antibiotics.

Free-range chicken has a stronger flavour than cage grown chicken and it tends to be more expensive. So if you are rich it’s probably a better more humane bet when it comes to getting your daily protein.