Ugh. That one word describes my college experience so far. Every day there is a new headache to deal with in terms of going to school. All the people in my classes are as a general rule flip-flop wearing chowder heads. And why the flip-flops? Why!!! It’s so confusing to me to see some female wearing a very done up outfit that is bordering on fancy and then BAM flip-flops. It says to me “I care about what I look like but when I got to my shoes I just couldn’t be bothered to put any on.”

What if you need to run somewhere? What if there is a fire or it rains? What bothers me more are the frat guys walking around trying to look real tough and menacing by squaring there shoulders and stomping around. They might even do an ok job of it, but not with the flip-flops they're wearing. I cannot fear someone in flip-flops. God forbid it’s one of those skateboard riding people riding a skateboard with flip-flops. Every time one passes me my mind fills with visions of shredded skin and crushed toes bent at angles to the mangled flesh of the foot.

Flip-flops were not designed for physical activity. Accept this fact and stop wearing them all the time.

Every time I pass an office supply store the urge to go in and buy a big box of thumbtacks is so strong…

Defining moment of my college experience to this point: walking by the parking permit building and seeing a sign above the door “because you’ve got better things to do than wait in line all day” with a line of people pouring out of that very door and stretching down the sidewalk. That image may be applied to anything at this school.

I don’t even know why I’m bothering to post this. I guess my frustration has reached a point where it needed to come out somewhere. I had all these hopes that college would be this bastion of intellectualism smart people yammering about smart things. Instead it seems to be the people I knew in high school only a touch older. College has also pointed out to me how poor I am. Where do these people get all the money for the ipods and the laptops? Are they being handed out for free somewhere? Why has no one told me?

I’ve also learned that being a music major means getting screwed in the ass on a daily basis. The amount of work involved and the number of credit hours needed are absurd.