Best wishes, Dizzy and Katyana.


Hmm... Nothing. (Nothing exciting, that is.)


Well, for a start, it's Census Day.

But that's not why I won't have time to node...

The main joy tomorrow is laying out the cabling for the back bedroom. We have quite a lot of STP, even more Cat5e UTP and some CT100 for the various cable runs. The CAT5 will be used for the obvious -- ethernet and telephones -- and the less obvious. If we ever want to extend the hifi, we're laying spare cable so we just attach line drivers to the ends. The STP is in case of poor signalling on the UTP or for line level audio (which we're told should carry on STP). The CT100 is for UHF signals (plus, should we ever want it, VHF and raw satellite). Oh, and 2.5mm T&E for mains!

The various holes have already been made but we don't reckon we'll do more than cut the cables and get the ends in the right places. Just enough to replaster the walls. Probably won't even get the socket fronts on anywhere.

This is the first room in our house-wide re-wiring adventure. I did the electrics in our previous house and I guess I reckon CAT5 and CT100 can't be harder than that, so I'm fairly relaxed about what we need to do. However, it's not something I've done before, so there's a certain sense of anticipation. Unfortunately, it'll be ages before we know the wiring we're doing tomorrow has worked.

By the end of the project, every room will have networking, telephones and UHF outlets that link back to a central hub. This will allow us huge flexibility in where we want to work or play. It will be incredibly cool to be able to repatch my ISDN line so I can telework next to my home computer...

Unfortunately, this means I'll be able to spend even less time on E2... DOM writeups will become even rarer!