Shielded twisted pair. Traditionally, this kind of network cable has a shield of braided copper surrounding the signal cables.

There is also a kind of twisted pair cable that has a metal foil instead of a braided shield - this type, whilst actually being shielded, is commonly referred to as Foiled Twisted Pair, abbreviated FTP.

Whichever type of shielding you are using - remember to connect the shield to the metal on your shielded RJ45 connector, or it will be of little use.

STP is also the abbreviation for Signal Transfer Point which are used in SS7 networks. They act as routers by transferring data packets between the endpoints.

STP was the slang term for the psychedelic drug DOM. STP can stand variously for Serenety, Tranquility, Peace; Super Terrific Psychedelic or Stop The Police.

First synthesised by Alexander Shulgin this drug became the center of a national drugs scare in San Francisco in 1967. DOM takes alot longer to exhibit its effects than other drugs that people were used to such as LSD (2 hours to DOM's peak as opposed to LSD's 20-45 minutes). This was only part of the problem: the illegal lab that synthesised it and put twice the necessary amount of DOM in the pills it manufactured. This lead to users taking four to six times the amount they should have as they figured that they should have been flying after half an hour and took more to compensate for the percieved lack of potency.

Another problem was that the duration of the DOM trip is alot longer than other related drugs. So you can imagine the emergency rooms filling with trippers who don't thing they're ever going to come down off this drug that no-one could identify.

You may be familiar with the motor oil additive STP. One so called expert at the time actually stated that the psychedelic and the oil additive were one and the same. If anyone in either the law or the people had listened to him the results could have been hilarious or terrible respectively

This story is paraphrased from the great book PIHKAL by Alexander Shulgin

STP is a carbon-copied form used by many upper elementary and middle school classes in Northern Indiana and peppered across the country. STP (Student/Teacher/Parent) Communication Form is designed to communicate to parents each time the student is not prepared for class and becomes another cog in the gear of paperwork, whatever that metaphor is supposed to mean.

The form clearly declares its purpose in its small type lead-in before the field of blanks:

This STP is to inform you that your son/daughter was not prepared for class. The student should return this signed form to his teacher the next school day.

Yes, the form clearly tries to cater to both sexes with the son/daughter portion then quickly defeats its purpose by saying “his teacher” but that’s the least of a teacher’s concerns. First off the form is just that: a form. The blanks that must be filled by a student that is obviously already behind just adds to the asinine nature of the entire process: name, teacher, date, phone, subject, a checklist of incomplete directions, assignment, unprepared reasoning, student signature, teacher signature, parent signature, parent comments, and teacher comments. Secondly this form is filled out in a carbon copy so that records can, of course, be kept for no real reason other than the consistent paperwork requirement that somehow has become a daily routine for teachers.

I am, as a teacher, required to use these in my fifth grade classroom. I have yet to see positive results. Homework completion rates do not improve and student attitude drops. Overall, there simply are other methods for increasing homework turnover than paperwork for everyone involved.

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