"Here," said the secretary, handing the doccument to the old lawyer. Before him in the lobby wait his last client, not only of the day, but of his carreer. When he was asked to draw up a will for a woman diagnosed with terminal cancer he expected to see a frail husk of a shell, or perhaps an even worse sight which might make him expell his three martini lunch. On the contrary, the image of this seriously ill woman hit him totally by surprise. She might have been all of 25 years old, still glowing with youth and vitality. She was accompanied by her two small children, both as lovely as she. Sure, he'd had to perform this part of his job countless times during his 43 years at the firm, but this final time seemed to take his breath away. It just wasn't fair. He'd had a nearly blazing practice, which he was now turning over to his two oldest sons. He'd been happily married for over 40 years to the sweetest lady one would ever hope to meet. His challenges and blessings had been many; his sorrows had been fairly few. He was looking forward to a comfortable retirement. But life wasn't as kind to the woman before him, or her two children who would too soon miss their mommy. "It's a lovely day, Ms. Ryan," he began. "Can I treat you and your kids to some ice cream? There's a nice cafe just across the street." The young woman gratefully accepted. Taking the children by their hands, the small party went on their way. As they walked the old lawyer thought to himself that it was the least he could do. After all, life had been good to him.