Okay, before we begin, let's just realise that getting more change than you deserve when you purchase something may be illegal (note: IANAL, YMMV, etc.), and is definitely completely unethical and you should return the excess change immediately. Let it be noted that money missing from the till can be taken from the cashier's pay, and can lead to them losing their jobs, et cetera. See the members of e2 on their moral highhorses below for more information.

Now that that little morality issue is over and done with, it's time to discover some ways you can get extra change out of service station or supermarket assistants. If they're stupid enough to fall for your little lines, you deserve their money. It isn't even really their money anyway. Perhaps if you own such a store you could try these methods on your staff to make sure they're up to speed.

And just let me quickly explain that I'm from Australia, and therefore I'm thinking in Australian Dollars here. I'm sure these methods will work with US and other moneys, though.

Method I: Make $10.
Okay, this method's pretty simple.
  • Buy $11-12 worth of stuff from the shop that you would otherwise buy, otherwise the profit you make won't seem quite as plentiful.
  • Pay for the stuff with a $20 note.
  • When the assistant gives you your change (which will most probably be a five dollar note and some change) say "Hey, I gave you a twenty"
  • The shop assistant will quickly scan their memory, look at the change in your hand, and say "Oh, you did too, sorry." They will then give you another $10 note.
If the person says "Yeah ..." and looks at the change in your hand, they're slightly smarter than you'd assume from their place of occupation. Look at your change, and say "Oh, right, sorry." And smile.

Method II: Make $20.
Okay, this method requires a slightly more stupid shop assistant. It works the best in supermarkets with check-out chicks It's also good if they're a tad tired and/or busy - but not busy enough that another customer will see your grift.
  • Walk up to the youngest female check-out chick.
  • Buy something for $3-4 dollars, making sure you have the correct change and a $20 note.
  • Hold the $20 note out to her, and wait 'til she's opened the cash register.
  • Then say "Oh, hang on, I have the correct change."
  • Give her the $3-4 of correct change, watch her put it in the till. Don't let her see the $20 note, and hide it in your pocket when she's counting your money into the register.
  • Then, before she shuts the register, ask for your $20 note back. She'll either say, "Oh, sure", or "I already gave it back to you."
  • If she says the latter, argue with her, and she may give in. If she doesn't, put your hand in your pocket, pull out the twenty, and apologise.
  • If she says the former, you've made twenty bucks.
This method is again not very risky, and even if you're caught they cannot prove in any way there was any malice involved.

Good luck, and happy swindling.

If you have any other methods, message me and I'll add them.

Plasma says Just thought I should suggest a significant correction to How to get more change than you deserve . This is very definitely illegal (I can cite Australian case law if you like), so I wouldn't be telling people it's a legal (even if immoral) way to make cash

hamster bong: Granted, and I myself have worked on POS at points; however, even at the end of the day, have never been taken by such methods. And people do try. Oh, and, I'm quite sure Everything is not a BBS.

Xenex says: Probably works better in America, with their all green notes and all...

Excalibre says: as a former grocery-store cashier, let me tell you, that's a really mean thing to do. i've never done that; the one time that there was a question, i handed the guy off to a manager. but a trusting cashier, who doesn't want to make life difficult for her customers could easily fall for that, stupid or no. it's easy to begin to fuck things like that up at the end of a long day, especially if you're on autopilot. rest assured, however, that while the money isn't the cashier's, they will get in trouble. my particular store gave writeups for any instance of being over or under by a total of $7 in a week, and for missing twenty bucks in a day? you'd get fired. and that's a small, family-owned business that treats its employees remarkably well. your actions have a major chance of messing up the life of someone who, chances are, is poor and needs their job.

Footprints says: I'm all for this w/u. It's a pity people are downvoting it because it's not ethical. That is SO irrelevant