From The Empire Times, 20th August, 1992 Issue III. May have been posted on Phrack beforehand.


Some folks just don't like to outsmart a system or person. They prefer the more physical approach by either breaking or removing an ATM. The hazards are obvious -several built-in silent alarms,heavy stainless steel safe like construction, the amount of commotion and noise that results from their efforts, hard to dispose of evidence, etc.

Those who have the most success with physical methods, plan and execute their operation as if it were a commando mission.

Physical attacks must be completed within 10 minutes as ATMs are abound with vibration, heat and proximity detectors, and most are silent alarmed.

Liquid nitrogen can be used. It is simply poured onto or into the offending part of the ATM and when it hits -100 degrees or so, a sledge or a ballpeen hammer is smartly slammed into. THe metal SHOULD shatter like glass.
Then one just simply reaches in and examines the untold riches stored inside.

Super-cooled gases can also wreck havoc on electronics, cameras and films, and bullet-proof glass, and can be purchased from suppliers of medical and chemical supplies.

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